How To Stop Spider Veins From Getting Worse

spdQ: How can I prevent my spider veins from getting worse?

A: I’m glad to hear you are trying to proactively prevent them from getting worse, but the honest truth is that with the exception of treatment, there may not be a whole lot you can do for them. The reason I say this is because if you look at what causes spider veins, you will see that most of the culprits are things we have no control over – i.e. genetics and being female.

That being said, I’ll talk about a few health and lifestyle conditions that may possibly. However please keep in mind I am not a physician so please don’t misconstrue these tips as medical advice:

Diet: Out of the factors we can control, it is said that weight plays a major part in the formation of spider veins. Why? Because when we weigh more than we should, our body has to carry around extra tissue. That’s extra mass that our circulatory system has to work extra hard to “feed” with nutrients and oxygen.

Think of it as the plumbing in your house. Under normal circumstances it usually works fine. But once you start tossing paper towels in the toilet or something else, it puts more stress on the pipes – which they are no designed to handle. Or, imagine if you increased the water pressure going into your house by double? The pipes are only designed to withstand a certain force and doing that may cause things like leaks and breaks.

In a similar fashion, think of the veins in your body. When they are put under unnecessary pressure due to excess weight, they may begin to break and the blood may not flow the right way. This can cause many serious (even fatal) health conditions, but when it comes to those capillaries below the surface of our skin, they can leak and form what we call spider veins.

Exercise: Under the direction of your doctor, healthy exercise probably isn’t a bad idea either. Not only are you working your muscles, but you are also conditioning your circulatory system. Routine and regular exercise may help your blood flow better. Since we already discussed how important this is for varicose veins, you can easily guess why staying in shape is also one factor that may be a good decision to make.

Treatment: At the end of the day, no matter how healthy of a lifestyle you live, the chances of spider veins going away on their own aren’t very good. They may improve on their own but usually some sort of treatment plan is needed to get rid of them. For mild cases spider vein cream is a place to start. For more severe cases like varicose veins, then professional treatment by a physician is a must.